ATHLETE TESTED AND APPROVED - Sleep is essential for everybody - especially for those who live an active lifestyle. At MOLECULE, we develop products to help people rest and recover during the night so they can maximize their performance during the day. But unlike most sleep brands, we don't just create products with an attractive cover, a slick marketing message, and a promise of generic comfort - we help people get the right type of recovery-focused sleep through advanced materials and decades of research.

BACKED BY SCIENCE - Cool sleep isn't just a buzzword to us. It's a guiding principle. Our team includes renowned Sleep Doctors and Neurologists with decades of research and experience who understand the mechanisms of recovery-focused sleep and help guide our product development.


  • Moisture Control-Wicking properties helps keep you dry all night

  • Microclimate-regulating to promote deep restorative sleep

  • Soft and sensitive- Lyocell fibers provide extra soft feels

  • Stays fresh- Lyocell fibers fight odor causing bacteria

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