Cathay Home Inc. is a leading manufacturer with over 20 years of experience crafting high quality soft home textile products offering outstanding value to our customers. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities in combination with our outstanding design and sales capabilities truly make our offerings unique and set us apart within the Bedding and Window industry.


Our company excels in the production and distribution of soft home textile products including sheet sets, comforter sets, coverlets, quilts, blankets, throws, decorative pillows and soft window product. Our products encompass a wide variety of woven constructions including cottons, polyester and cellulose fabrications. Our printing capabilities are well recognized in the market for the clarity of our prints and softness of hand.


We are a leader in new product development introducing new and exciting product concepts to our retail partners. Cathay Home, as a vertical manufacturer enjoys an inherent cost advantage enabling us to provide our customers better prices and higher margin. We are a global presence supporting business in the US, Canada, Mexico and Latin America with sales to leading retailers, distributors, e commerce merchants and commercial enterprises.

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